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         QujingThe giant, film and television cultural traditionMediaCo., LTD began2009Years,Established in the company is formally registered2011Years。The giant media companyHoldA professional planning、Creation、Performing arts、Creative team,Gather the industry veteran。We have the means of cross-border integration of various social resources and a new type of transmission concept quickly and accurately。The company has professional stage、The lights、Sound and artistic elite。

    The company planning to perform a variety of performances、Events and agency,And has its own literary group,Company to undertakeWedding planning services、Make-up training、Wedding photography、Pictorial art、Film and television production、The starInvitations、Planning stage、Film and television advertising、Theatrical performances、Based the completion、Move the New Year、The celebration planning、Outdoor advertising、Exhibition、Conference service、Equipment rental and other activities。We firmly believe that good faith is the precondition of cooperation,Professional is the foundation of cooperation、Innovation is the only way to sustainable development。

    The giantMedia to“Spread advanced culture、Promotion of classical culture、Carrying forward national culture”As the mission,Aiming at customer brand value,Provide for the customer from planning to implementation,FromThe film and televisionBecome a culture media company“Universality、Demonstration、Persistence、”Literature and art organizations,To becomeQujingThe banner of culture。 

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    Address:Qujing city kirin area transit jreESeat906(The bank of China)   The national hotline:13988902997    The businessQQ:744756012

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